The Build Process

A fundamental part of our role is to engage with all of the involved parties, establish clear deliverables, communicate processes and deliver a highly professional service. This is achieved through detailed planning, identification of clear responsibilities and deliverables and ensuring every team member communicates effectively in order to deliver the project.

Planning and Management Systems

A successful project is dependent upon capable and committed personnel operating within comprehensive and workable management systems. We will identify the “critical path” of each project and communicate with our employees and subcontractors to achieve our targets and deliver the project. With regard to specific projects, our project management plans typically developed for each project include:

  1. Construction plan
  2. Project management plan
  3. Health and safety plan
  4. Quality assurance plan
  5. Methodology of buildability
  6. Programme to completion
  7. Resourcing (including subcontractors)
  8. Compliance and insurance

Quality Assurance Systems

We have detailed quality assurance systems and procedures in place that monitor our performance. These will be managed collectively by our Senior Quantity Surveyor and Project Managers. Council inspections will be scheduled on a regular basis to ensure we are in compliance with the Council Consent documentation and Building Code. Our quality assurance system includes monthly audits by our Health and Safety Manager.

AJ Scott Construction is a company which specialises in quality residential and light commercial construction.